Blanks Goes BIG – Adds 2 -126″ Large Format Presses

Posted in News on 06 March 2014

On the heels of expanding its variable data digital department in early 2013, Blanks has once again made a major capital investment in state-of-the-art technology – this time in the form of two 126” wide VUTEk UV/LED GS3250LX Pro large format presses. Lightning fast with unbelievable print results, these two presses provide over 8x the current production capacity, while also being the most environmentally friendly large format presses made. And Blanks has the only two in the region. Leron Blanks, President and Owner of Blanks had this to say about the new presses, “These machines are game changers for both us and our clients. They are built to increase the impact of our client’s marketing programs – it is amazing what these presses can do.” 

What these presses can do, is print high definition graphics up to 1000 dpi – and print on a much wider range of substrates due to the incorporation of LED curing inks.  “The LED lights produce far less heat than the curing systems in standard large format presses, and that means we can print on much thinner papers, plastics and fabrics for our customers”, says Jan Thornton, Operation Manager at Blanks. She continues, “Less heat, means less warping of the substrates, and that opens up a world of possibilities for our clients”. 

“We are always striving to help our clients be more efficient, and that means doing everything we can to drive cost out of the manufacturing process”, says Mark Connor, VP of Sales at Blanks. “Printing on thinner substrates means the final job weighs less, and reducing the cost of shipping is just one of the big benefits of the LED Ink set used by these new presses.” 

Another big advantage of this new technology is the grayscale screening that these presses utilize. Grayscales screening enables outstanding color management, including access to an expanded color range and more precise PMS color matching.  Jeff Blanks, Vice President, says, “This grayscale screening combined with the LED inks help us deliver stunning graphics that were previously unavailable to customers that use large format printing.  We are thrilled to be the ones to bring this technology to Texas.”     

The two presses installed in January are the EFI VUTEk GS3250LX Pro and GS3250LXR Pro. The GS3250LX Pro is a 126” wide, 8 color + opaque white, hybrid (printing both sheets & rolls) press that prints hard (plastic, foam core, metal, etc.) and flexible (paper, vinyl, fabric, etc.) substrates up to 2 inches thick. The GS3250LXR Pro is a 126” wide, 6 color, roll-to-roll press that prints a wide range of flexible stocks, including those used in thermoforming and fleet wrapping applications.